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Client: Our client is the PE house that had acquired a leading distributor and manufacturer of racking and storage systems as part of a larger portfolio group of companies. This UK-based operation provides a complete design, manufacture and installation service to its worldwide customer base.
Position: CEO

Bailey Montagu was retained to secure a Chief Executive Officer. Our initial approach was to understand the market within the defined industry group and it was quickly apparent that we had a narrow pool of talent from which to hunt. We looked at this with a more creative thought process, which allowed us to see clearly that selecting from an adjacent distribution biased business would widen the opportunity to acquire a strategic leader with a proven ability that would add significant value.

Our client secured an outstanding CEO from our diverse shortlist. They complimented our ability to consider the key characteristics that the successful candidate would need, and to identify these characteristics from across a variety of sectors to provide our client with broad options and an increased change of a successful outcome.