Bailey Montagu visit the Manufacturing Technology Centre



The team at Bailey Montagu were recently hosted by Bhaskar Thota, for a tour of the facilities at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry.

Since the MTC site at Ansty Park was opened in late 2011, we have worked with numerous candidates and clients that have eulogized about the facility, its capabilities and people. So, when CEO Dr. Clive Hickman kindly offered us the opportunity to visit the MTC, we promptly booked in our trip.


When arriving at the facility, we parked next to the impressive Lloyds sponsored Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre. This building is a state-of-the-art campus that is funded to support approximately 3,500 manufacturing apprenticeships by 2024, and will go a long way to addressing the UK’s skills gap and inspire the next generation of innovators. It’s a fantastic and much needed initiative.

On entering the main building, our eye was soon caught by the giant wall to the right, proudly displaying the logos of the MTC’s 100+ industrial members. Our firm view is that the industrial sectors must share best practices and learnings to survive and thrive in the future, and we were therefore delighted to spot known businesses from automotive, aerospace, rail, informatics, food & drink, construction/civil engineering, electronics, oil & gas and defence in the line-up. BAE, Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Sainsbury’s and Unilever are just a few of the companies that evidence the breadth and scale of the MTC’s influence and relevance.

Bhaskar Thota, our host for the visit, majors on collaboration and innovation as he talks us through the history and goals of the MTC. They want to Accelerate the UK’s industrial growth, whilst changing the way businesses compete, and maximizing synergies in supply chains – these are long-term ambitions and essential ingredients in driving sustainable change. Bhaskar speaks passionately about the MTC’s achievements to date, and the environment it facilitates, but it’s clear that the vision to ‘inspire Great British manufacturing on the global stage’ has only just begun.

Teams from NASA visited the MTC in 2018, and were sufficiently impressed by what they saw to form a partnership with the facility on projects involving the manufacture of complex and high-stress components, through additive manufacturing and 3D printing. Once we donned lab coats, we too were shown the component manufacturing and assembly systems first hand. The robotic and autonomous systems, some of which are colossal, rank among some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment in the world, and it’s a fascinating insight to see the capabilities that UK industry can unlock through the facility.

Bailey Montagu is passionate about supporting clients that are looking to manufacture or construct at ever increasing levels of quality and safety, whilst improving productivity and lowering cost. Our clients are regularly looking to inject diverse thought into their businesses from relevant and aligned sectors, and as such we had long been keen to visit the MTC. Our time at the Centre was hugely informative, and it was inspiring to see how proactively the facility is driving innovative technologies and collaborations, whilst developing the next generation of talent.

Bailey Montagu attendees on the day were: 

Rachel McKenzie – Managing Partner

Andy Thomas – Associate Partner

Phoebe Williams – Delivery Consultant