How businesses can attract digital talent

How businesses can attract digital talent

Digital technology is growing at a remarkable speed. Organisations that are failing to keep pace with rapidly advancing digital technology are being left behind.

Despite the need to attract people with digital skillsets into the workforce, the Digital Disruption Index showed three quarters of businesses struggle to recruit digital skills.

The rise of artificial intelligence

AI is having a profound impact on the workforce, both present and future. AI, big data analytics and robotics, deliver digital value at scale. Such is the power of AI in achieving digital competitiveness within a workforce that statistics show that by 2020, 85% of executives say they plan to invest in AI. Just under half of executives believe they expect their workforce to become smaller as they adopt AI.

However, only 8% think AI will directly replace human activity.

Human intelligence

While AI, intelligent machines and robotics can profoundly streamline digital tasks and deliver value at scale, to really thrive in the digital world, evidence suggests organisations should use AI to serve as an aid to human intelligence, rather than replacing human skills.

Human intelligence is limited in terms of the volume of data our brains can process, contrasting to AI, which can process vast amounts of data. Procedures such as managing banking activities like applying and approving loans can be carried out with greater productivity through AI.

However, there are limitations of AI conducting such digital functions, namely the void of the human touch. While digital, automated forms of banking and other processes can increase efficiency, speed and productiveness, people, generally speaking, like to receive advice and services from individuals with names rather than technology.

In this sense, AI needs to continue to act as a digital aid to humans with specific digital skillsets to streamline processes without losing the human touch.

A challenge for CEOs and executives is finding ways to attract digital talent to their organisation. Merely being a forward-thinking and progressive company that actively utilises AI and is seen as an innovator in its field, will help attract people with digital skills that are keen to work alongside artificial intelligence to garner optimum efficiency, competitiveness and results.

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