Interim Solutions Showcase – December 2019

Welcome to our December Showcase. I hope you’ve enjoyed following us this year and I wish you a truly excellent Christmas break.

I have been lucky enough to get to know some wonderful Interim Managers during my twenty years in the profession. I just heard about the sad passing of one of the very best, however – Tom Grogan.

I’m really grateful to his son for updating me, as I came to really like and respect Tom over the multiple assignments we undertook together.

You get to meet a lot of folk in this job (if you don’t like people, don’t do it…). I have the great benefit of virtually never forgetting a face, but the limitation of being really bad with names, so when I came across an Interim HR Director role that would suit Thomas Grogan (who I had recently met) down to the ground, I had to ask Aideen (my long serving assistant) “Who was the lovely Irish man we met…who smoked a pipe?”…

Aideen came up trumps and Tom was soon wowing clients in the rail world. He made sure that he was on site with the “doers” at 5 in the morning, with coffee, bacon rolls and his Hi-Vis Vest. He prepared rigorously for each assignment, finding suitable accommodation which he cleaned to his satisfaction, and starched his shirts to perfection. He would put himself out to get to an interview, even at short notice and a great distance!

When I checked in with our client to monitor progress on a high profile role, I was told that he was doing a great job, was universally popular, but had “caught fire” in a team meeting. Sadly Tom hadn’t adequately extinguished the aforesaid pipe, to the detriment of his suit jacket!

So, besides celebrating the achievements of a good friend, why am I sharing this with you now?

I think it says something about professional Interims (and about life really):

·        Be yourself, always

·        Take some time to get to know people who can help you (this applies to providers and interims alike) – quick searches of LinkedIn are             NOT enough…

·        Go the extra mile – people will not only appreciate it, but remember you and recommend you to others

·        Interim Management is incredibly competitive – to succeed you have to be very determined, organised and … GOOD

Thanks to Tom for all he gave. We miss you.


Please have a look here at the profiles of some other excellent Interims. If they could be useful to you, or if you’re looking for an alternative skill set, do get in touch – we cover all professional disciplines and a wide range of sectors.

January might just be the time to make those changes you’ve been putting off, or to kickstart that project…

Best wishes