Interim Solutions Showcase – January 2019

Happy New Year and welcome to my Interim Solutions Showcase for January!

I’d like to start by saying a big thank you for your kind comments on my latest CEO Interview with Gretchen Haskins of HeliOffshore, it attracted interest from many of you and was well received. There are more like this to come over the next twelve months, so keep an eye on your inbox.

I’ve been writing my monthly blog for over two years now, always keeping well away from two particular subjects – Brexit and Trump. You will be pleased to hear that this is no exception. I do want to talk about a related subject, however: the “Full Half Pint”…

Put simply, do you see your glass as half empty, or half full? Do you pessimistically regret what has already gone, or optimistically relish what you still have left to enjoy?

We hear every day about divisions in society, particularly in the UK and US. There can be little doubt that since the economic downturn which started in 2007-8, many have struggled to feel that society is acting in their best interests. In this type of climate, it has quite often felt hard to be optimistic.

Confidence, both business and consumer, is low and this affects all of us. I talk to many excellent Interim professionals who have struggled to find work and, on the opposite side of the fence, many clients who would like to make changes, run programmes and even expand their operations, but hold back because of the uncertain landscape.

At the start of 2019 (with admittedly serious challenges facing us), I am determined that I will not be overtaken by the general air of negativity which surrounds us. Twenty-four hour news which focuses on failure, self-promoting politicians who have done little to constructively help the nation and some of the frankly appalling role models on the world stage are just not worth it. I try to instill a positive mental attitude in my children and I strive to be a Full Half Pint for them, my wellbeing, my clients and candidates.

Perhaps we could relish what we actually have and generally act more positively in 2019?

Did I manage to avoid Brexit and Trump, by the way?

I do hope so… In the spirit of positivity, please have a look at the following details of some of the many excellent professional Interims I’m representing. They might be able to make a difference to your business, right now. Do get in touch if any are of interest, or if we could help with someone with an alternative skill set.