Interim Solutions Showcase – January 2020

So have your New Year’s Resolutions already been consigned to the bin? Or would you really like to make some changes this year – in your career, life goals or perhaps even environmental stance?

What do you want to do? How do you get there? What’s stopping you?

During my time in Interim Management I’ve counselled literally thousands of people looking for a new way to work – often frustrated with short-sighted or short-termist employers, who often didn’t quite “walk the talk” of the company’s mission statement. They mostly wanted to take charge of their own careers and destinies. Many have been successful, some found it just wasn’t for them…

Interim Management will continue to be a valid choice for those looking for an alternative way forward, perhaps even becoming a preferred way of engaging with work. Nowadays a new wave of younger (generally early 40’s) Interims have been attracted to the challenge and satisfaction of this form of working, and are setting off on this path. The days of ten and twenty year stays in one company are (mostly) gone…

The last three years have been difficult for many senior professional Interims, however. Their work is often about delivering change initiatives and the appetite for change in many companies, with the uncertainties of Brexit, has often been patchy. Interview processes have been protracted and the mysterious “internal candidate” has often appeared at a late stage. Whatever your political opinion, I do hope that the new decade will unlock more assignments for talented folk.

As well as Interims suffering the frustration and stress of this period, I am also very aware that many of the potential clients I meet are stuck in a 24/7/365 culture and have faced continued uncertainty. There is often no mid nor long term view any more, and the pressure to hold on to your job in the many rounds of cuts is severe. This applies equally for those at the “top”, who rarely have anyone to share their thoughts and ideas with…

So what is my Resolution – how can I help?

As well as the pleasure of working in Interim Management for over two decades, I have been fortunate enough to coach at the Leadership Trust for over twenty five years and to be a career mentor at Southampton University for more than ten.

As a result I have decided to offer a Coaching and Mentoring service, available both to clients and candidates:

  • For Interim Managers (new and established) – KSP’s, routes to market, effective LinkedIn profiling, expert CV critique, beneficial connections, networking, self-confidence, how to achieve interview success
  • Performance Improvement – for you and for your team
  • Stocktake / Review – Are you happy in your role? Time for a change? Are you a good Leader?
  • Onboarding – to quickly thrive in a new culture (you have found good people, so why not hold onto them?)

I hope that this will be useful. Please feel free to contact me to discuss this, whether you are considering Interim Management as a career, you are an established Interim professional who is “stuck” and in need of new ideas, or indeed someone in a permanent career, who feels that now is the time to consider a different path or change of tack…

My January “Showcase” of talented professional Interims can be viewed here. If any are of interest, or if you require a different skill set, do get in touch.

Best wishes