Interim Solutions Showcase – June 2019

The phrase “Interim Management” tends to imply the filling of “gaps”, with “managers”. This is not the essence of what we do…

Solution is defined as “A means of solving a problem, or dealing with a difficult situation”. This is much more helpful and the reason we chose to call our business Interim Solutions.

So what are the key steps involved for an Interim to provide a Solution?

Understand the problem

  • Put together a plan to fix it
  • Gain board / management approval for the plan
  • Roll up their sleeves and…
  • Deliver the solution through the people in the organisation (the really skilful bit).

How do we source these individuals to help our clients?

We know our people well and search continuously (over many years) for the very best interim talent – people who have decided to do this professionally. They are serious achievers, from their chosen sectors and specialisms. They take real pride in “fixing” things, ensuring the improvements they enable are embedded within client organisations. Then they move on…to the next challenge.

Typical challenges:

  • Leadership of teams (often in difficult circumstances)
  • Acceleration of Change
  • Providing “External Perspective” & knowing what “good looks like”
  • Delivery of programmes
  • Unlocking “Silos”(where people just aren’t communicating effectively)
  • Due Diligence
  • Turnaround
  • Coaching / Mentoring

So how do Interim Solutions contribute to solving the problem, or difficult situation?

  • We ask good, informed (sometimes challenging) questions at briefing stage
  • We use emotional intelligence and real business experience to find the very best fit for our clients (either within the current culture or in the direction of travel)
  • We provide a range of options
  • We keep in touch throughout assignments to make sure both the client and Interim are happy and that the objectives are achieved.

Please find the profiles of some excellent Interims who can provide real Solutions. If any could be useful to you, or if we could help with someone with an alternative skill set, do get in touch.