Interim Solutions Showcase – May 2019

Regular readers of my Showcase might remember a piece I wrote entitled “Fixers”, which was an attempt to crystallise the Interim Manager’s offering. It was well received by clients and Interims alike. This month I’m drawn to the opposite side of the coin – “Stoppers”…

The last few months have been very intense for our country and it feels like we may have reached a tipping point in many ways. Putting political allegiances aside, the impact of Greta Thunberg’s recent speech to MP’s on the effects of climate change has been significant. Taken alongside the impasse in Brexit negotiations, a significant proportion of young people now feel disenfranchised.

I know, I have a twenty year old daughter, who is not impressed…

So why “Stoppers”?

I sense an element almost of depression, certainly of stultification, in business life. This has not been uncommon since the downturn which started in 2008, when the appetite for risk (even managed risk) quite understandably diminished. I believe it has grown again over recent months and widened, however.

It seems as though there has been a steadily growing proportion of professionals (including MP’s) who prefer to find reasons NOT to do things, rather than find more constructive ways forward. These are the Stoppers. We have a demanding agenda ahead of us and need modern, creative, positive people, who understand the importance of compromise, in all walks of life.

Our leaders must now work together to find a way to sort Brexit. As Greta said, three years spent wrangling over our exit from a trading arrangement will pale into insignificance if our planet is wrecked…

I’m not sure where this will lead, but I do see a desperate need to turn the tables and to become Fixers rather than Stoppers… We just don’t have the time to prevaricate any longer.

Do you agree? I would be most interested to hear your thoughts.

Please also have a look at the profiles of some excellent interim Fixers. If any could be useful to you, or if we could help with someone with an alternative skill set, do get in touch.