Interim Solutions Showcase – November 2019


Female working patterns in the UK have been positively changing for some time. Indeed, the latest report from Cranfield University on the number of women on FTSE boards says, ‘This year we see a more encouraging picture emerging in terms of the number of women on FTSE boards. Over the past 12 months the percentage of women on FTSE 100 boards has increased from 29% to 32%, so the 33% target set for 2020 is well in sight’.

This is great news for business.

Still, there are many career options available, which are ideally suited to women who want to remain ‘hands on’ and are in search of greater flexibility in their working lives and want greater financial rewards. One such option is Executive Interim Management.

Historically, the Interim sector has been led by male executives in their 50s. However, professional Interim managers are now getting younger and the market is attracting more and more women. This is evidenced in the latest Institute of Interim Management (IIM) survey results, which states, ‘Female interims have become more common over the decade, with 15% of interim managers reported as female in 2004. This year’s proportion was 29%’.

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Interim management is not a soft option, nonetheless. The expectation is to ‘hit the ground running’, it can often be highly stressful and there is a real need to understand that it is hard work. Businesses often need a flexible resource instantly, which is why Interim management is a perfect choice for experienced female executives who want the opportunity to be dropped rapidly into a company to problem solve, carry out change management or major restructuring, and handle complete business turnarounds. Here, you will find the profiles of some highly experienced female executives, who have embraced the Interim working world. They are serious professionals, highly capable, and ready to deliver.