Interim Solutions Showcase – October 2019

These are strange times, which make many of us feel uncomfortable.

Life seemed a lot simpler when I was brought up in the West Country, many years ago. I was taught to be polite, to be honest and to respect folk from all walks of life. Sadly I didn’t always follow those eminently sensible rules, but my wonderful parents soon put me back on track… I’ve tried to instil those standards in my kids.

But what about “Values” in business life?

Despite the amazing benefits of email, smart phones and social media, I do see a real deterioration in people taking the time to be civil and respectful of others – it’s just so easy to ignore things that aren’t “immediate”. The much hackneyed expression that we all have “very busy lives” just doesn’t cut it, really. What is actually important?

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed twenty years working in Interim Management, but the barriers to entry in recruitment are low, and it’s easy to be tarred by the brush of those who operate with lower standards. How many behave in a professional way? How many completely forget, for example, that candidates who might need some help or advice often become clients, who might just remember being treated poorly? How many recruiters really listen to their clients’ requirements?

OK, I’ve got that off my chest now…

So I thought it might be useful to simply state some of the things that are important to us, aligned to our “values”. We are determined to find great interim solutions for our clients and challenging assignments for the professional Interims we represent.

Simply put:

Our values are important to us, and we hope that we can be of use to you.

Please have a look at the profiles of some great Interims. Could any be helpful to you right now? If so, do get in contact.