Learning is the eye of the mind

I’ve worked within executive recruitment, more specifically executive Interim Management, for a relatively short period of what is now four years, and during this time I’ve learnt an incredible amount about the industry and the people in it. Prior to this, unless we are talking association footballing terms, I knew nothing about Interim Management. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I knew very little indeed. No more than allowing myself to think it was just some type of temporary work, in any case. However, I now know it is more than just temporary work, very much more…

I’ve learnt that an Interim manager is exposed to a wide-range of clients, processes and systems, varying types of business, and all kinds of people. Some are sector agnostic and are able to secure work across a host of different industries on a global playing field. In short, an Interim manager controls the path of their career. They have the possibility to fit their working life into their non-working life however they decide, and in doing so achieve the often elusive existence of a good ‘work/life balance’. Holiday periods as an Interim, put most permanent employee allowances in the shade. OK, sometimes their holiday time is forced and has to be taken between assignments, but for the most part it’s under the Interim’s control. Often time is needed to recover from especially demanding assignments.

In terms of career advancement, Interim managers pack a huge amount of experience into a short time, which enables them to develop themselves at quite a rate. I’ve learnt that clients often like sensibly over-qualified Interims tackling their problems and Interim managers can be an attractive alternative to more expensive management consultants, allowing clients to access proven strength and experience within a more cost effective model.  Working a step down isn’t going to provide the stretch and career progression the Interim manager desires, although undertaking a range of roles is sometimes necessary to provide a good balance of work.

The story doesn’t end there either, Interim managers choosing a return to permanent jobs tell me their experience can expedite their journey up the corporate ladder. This, in the most part, is due to the breadth of experience they have gained from working in various businesses and having short-term access to top management talent.

Ultimately, what I’ve learnt most about Interim Management over the last four years, whether you are a provider, a client or a professional Interim manager, is that building relationships and trust is really what it’s all about.


Here at Bailey Montagu, we believe it’s essential to give both client and candidate the very best experience possible. We work hard to understand your business needs and provide support to manage transition, crisis or change. We source only the highest calibre Interim professionals, allowing us to highlight the very best talent to help you achieve this.