Our Capabilities

Rupert Channing leads our Financial Services Practice and he has led and executed a number of very significant transactions on behalf of leading Global Investment Banks.

Although no two projects are the same, it is clear that at the heart of a successful process sit a number of key elements which must be in place to ensure the best possible outcome for the client. A detailed brief is prepared which takes in to consideration, among other points, the nature and scope of the role on offer. It provides an exhaustive analysis of the potential candidate pool as well as advice as to how the role may be tailored to attract specific individual targets. To execute successfully against this brief therefore requires a highly informed and detailed understanding of the position of the client organisation within the industry, as well as a real understanding of the motivations of the target candidates.

In particular Rupert has specialised in assisting firms in developing and executing strategies involving the acquisition of key teams within the Investment Banking sector. Executing successfully against this type of mandate involves a highly nuanced understanding of the contractual arrangements of the target team such that client and candidates are protected from any potential issues arising out of any perceived breaches of those agreements. Appropriate compensation and contractual periods clearly form part of the advice. The capacity to give such advice derived from the detailed market knowledge that has been accrued over a number of business and economic cycles as well as regulatory changes.

The rigorous and exhaustive market analysis produced by Bailey Montagu and provided to the client ensures that the client has a fully formed view of the opportunities that may be open to it as well as a realistic understanding of what is required to achieve the desired outcome.

Across Investment Banking and Private Equity and Asset Management Rupert has been involved in the execution of projects resulting in inter alia the acquisition of a UK Corporate Finance Advisory business on behalf of a US Investment Bank, the appointment of Managing Directors and Business heads in various geographies, as well as leading Investment teams in alternative wealth management, hedge funds and family offices.