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CFO Practice

The role of a CFO continues to evolve and is now more forward and outward facing than ever before. CFO’s play a key role in ensuring that their business maximises value from existing and future business activities, understands market opportunity, and aligns risks with rewards. As such, the competency and technical requirements on financial officers continues to grow, creating a demanding environment in which to recruit talent.

Combined with the fiduciary responsibilities, the ability to provide confidence in the integrity of the financial health of the business is paramount. The ability to manage risk, provide strategic finance skills in mergers and acquisitions, lead on capital planning and investor relations, as well as the demonstrable operational and commercial capabilities, makes for a diverse competency set.

Bailey Montagu has many years’ experience working alongside blue-chip and private equity backed organisation to secure exceptional CFO’s. We appreciate that in an increasingly competitive world, where disruptive technologies and business models are impacting how business is done and how customers are served, it is imperative that a CFO provides not only stability but is a leader and enabler of growth and change.