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Logistics & Distribution

The challenging global macro–economic landscape is pushing greater consolidation, and merger and acquisition activity in the Logistics and Transportation industries. Against the back-drop of ever more exacting consumer needs, companies must constantly refresh and adapt their end-to-end delivery models, and make use of the most innovative and disruptive technologies to stay ahead of the pack.

With globalisation, new market entrants, security concerns and increased pressure on time, cost and sustainability all raising the stakes, organisations require inspiring executives who can match customer needs to commercial outcomes and business growth. Leaders who know how to create and deliver cutting-edge logistics and distribution strategies, and who have the operational and commercial capabilities to achieve lasting results in a fluctuating global industry, are rare and in high demand.

Bailey Montagu have secured leadership talent for a range of clients distributing and fulfilling by sea, air and land. We have supported third party logistics suppliers and public-private partnerships.